Easy Way To Make Your First One Million Naira, From A True Life Story!

Easy Way To Make Your First One Million Naira, From A True Life Story!

Are you curious about what took place that allowed some entrepreneur below 30 to go from dreaming of making their first million Naira to becoming a multi-millionaire in just a few short years?.

“Yes I was once curious too, and do you know that Making your first million is easy? — if you apply these following process below.”

My Growing up in a middle-class household made me strong. My parents always made sure we eat normally and frowned at demanding for anything after providing for our important needs like food, clothes, and shelter, Some of you can relate to this story right?. Therefore, I knew my parents were not rich because we couldn’t afford all the luxury lifestyle other kids were living.

I had to start early by selling polythene bags at the market place, with this, I personally could buy few things for my self with my money, at some point I don’t wear same clothes (Anko) during Sallah festival with my siblings. I tasted the freedom of being independent at that age.

So how did I make my first million Naira?
1. Deliver scarce value.
Your ability to increase your income depends on your ability to deliver unexpected value.Also, Big opportunities open up when you build relationships with the right people, invest your time in your highest leverage activities and in people who solve problems.

Don’t just work harder or find high paying jobs, try also to leverage your income on becoming a problem solver through your connection, in your community and break away from the old mindset. Work, pay the bill and retire to a pension.

2. Invest
Many of us go for the fast and easy win, this may work for some people. Results come to a lot faster when you invest for the long term. I mean invest in how you spend your time, the people you hire, the relationships you build, the products you develop and the structure of your company.

3. Repeat What You Did To Make Your 100K Ten Times

This might sound strange or funny right? yes, I thought so as well until I tried it out.

I “Sold“ some of my stuff, Like expensive Phones and other invaluable liabilities to raise capital, bought some “scarce” commodity, sold them, save my profit, invested again and made a 100k profit, I repeated these process 10 times to make my first 1 million Naira.

Therefore, if I repeat how I made my first one million Naira 10 more times, I will have made 10m. However, I followed the process in 1 and 2. Isn’t that easy?

Start developing the habit of incorporating these three process in your everyday life.

You can do the same. What do you think?

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