Decide What You Want Your Future To Look Like.

Decide What You Want Your Future To Look Like.

What are your Standards and what will you demand from life? Decide today if you will accept life as it is or if you will live your life on your own terms, at the edge and at the highest level.

I often try to make mistakes so I could be better in my craft and perfect at it.

Most often I think about failures but I never allow the thought of it to stop me from pursuing my goals and this has kept me moving, quitting has never been an option for me, as I always feel I might be too close to succeed.

“If you can tell me about any successful person who has never failed ..I will assure you that he has never tried anything to be successful”.

Therefore if you want to be successful you should expect failure at a point in your lifetime.

No matter what your current situation is, whether you’re experiencing financial problems, going through a breakup, just lost your job, suffering from health issues, maybe you’re just feeling “stuck” in your life or career,be rest assured that it is not the End.

“A life without adversity could be very boring and no one ever lived such ”

If you continue to strive at achieving your goals, God will surely perfect your struggles and success will soon become your partner.

So If you quit, you can’t win.

Define your goal and make a positive decision today .Have a blessed week ahead.


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