You Can Also Write Your Mess To Success Story!

You Can Also Write Your Mess To Success Story!


Every successful individual or company has a “mess-to-success” story. For example: “some started with their office in a garage, and presently they have a multinational ‘office.’” also there are some who started on a road side.

In my case , I started my entrepreneurship journey by selling polythene bags (leather bags) to people shopping at the market place and also hawking it by the road side back in the 80’s in Kaduna State.

How I wish it was easy to access internet and have a website then as it is presently , I would have also be selling my product online,to my customers.

Meanwhile, I know some successful companies or individual who has a “MESS-STORY TO SUCCESS” and are never tired of telling the story of how they went from sleeping on the floor or mats at friends’ apartments to creating a billion-dollar company providing services internationally.

“It is a process, so don’t be alarm,if you are going through such right now” I was also homeless, at a point I had to be sleeping in a friends internet cafe for a year.

However, today, it is easier to start a business more than how it was in the past 10 years, you can beggin through internet by building a WEBSITE, that would talk about your product ,services and contact. That’s all you need to kick start.

To be successful , you must have a story to tell, and while you may not have started in a garage, you still have a story of how you achieved your goals, and this would be the greatest story you ever told .

Therefore, at we have put together a strategy on how to make you achieve this goal, so you can have an easy StartUp to enable you tell your “Mess To Success Story”

Stop thinking about how to start, “Just Start It”


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