If Your Business Is Not On The Internet, You Are Doing Your Business A Lasting Harm.

If Your Business Is Not On The Internet, You Are Doing Your Business A Lasting Harm.


Ever since I told my ” Mess To Success” story on how I quit my 10 hours job as a Dish Washer to start my own business, I have received enormous inbox message from friends asking me, why did I choose to quit the job when I had no source of income and how was I able to cope after quitting?. I have to be sincere, it wasn’t an easy journey or decision.

And to be honest, it was as a result of massive fear and the thought of living a mundane lifestyle, working for someone, and just not being happy doing it. I know too many people who live that way, that hate it, but still do it and believe there’s nothing else out there.

I have always believed that a person should make their own destiny and not have to go through superficial red tape set up in society.

But you can choose to continue to work for your boss while you create income flow for your self before quitting or take the Bull by the Horn .

In my case I took the bull by the horn and faced the music but at the end, I was happy I DID because it created a lot of opportunity for me. I was able to see the inside and out while starting a business from scratch.

So, how did I do it?

“My answer is simple, I started with an ONLINE REPRESENTATION”.

However, failure is no long a mystery to me. I have had so many that I only remember the worst ones and they have thought me many lesson that I can say attributed to my success today.

According to Bill Gates “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

These words were uttered two years ago and two years later they still remain relevant. Therefore if your business does not have an online representation, there is no doubt about it, you are doing your business and yourself a lasting harm.

Therefore, I do not want you to go through same troubles, and this is one of our main aim at voderhost.com, to make sure that every one starting up a business can start without the stress of ” How do I start or I don’t have enough to start” once you have your idea and the plan business properly defined , we will help you kick start with an online representation.

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